Our Care Home Lift range is specially designed for residential care homes and nursing homes. Nationwide Lift Services has over 30 years of experience in the care home sector and we know how important it is for care homes to have a dependable lift on site. Our care home passenger lift is perfect for existing buildings.

The care home sector had a boom over 20 years ago and now many of these lifts are in need of a modernisation or even replacement. Some care homes will have lifts that are even older than this, so also in need of upgrades, modernisation or replacement.

The problem some existing care homes have is that often when these where designed a small lift was installed with a small shaft space. New regulations call for a larger shaft space, pits, and headroom. BUT Nationwide Lift Services have a solution.

Our Care Home Lift offers clients huge cost savings and is a perfect replacement for low rise existing
buildings. The Care Home Passenger Lift benefits you in the following ways:-

  • Competitive costs starting from £20,000.00 for a 2 stop DDA size passenger lift
  • We will utilise your existing shaft dimensions, pit and headroom (so no need for building
    work – SAVING you upwards of £50,000.00 on a replacement lift project).
  • Quick delivery between 6 and 8 weeks.
  • Quick installation of typically 2 weeks.
  • All work done in house by Nationwide including old lift removal, electrical and building work.
  • Utilise existing motor room space with no need to amend.
  • Fully bespoke range of sizes and designs to fit all existing buildings.
  • Large range of interior choices, doors and sizes.
  • All new lift installations done by our in house experienced lift engineers.
  • 2 years warranty on all products as standard.

Nationwide Lift Services specialise in care home lifts, which are perfect for existing buildings (replacement lifts) or when customers need specific sizes, loads, or designs. Although we have a standard range of passenger lifts, we also have a full selection of bespoke passenger lifts. Our custom passenger and goods lifts start at 2 people and go up to 5000kg. Our lifts are ideal for an existing building that needs a new lift or replacement lift.

We also offer all associated works with the lift such as lift removal, building work, electrical work and finishing afterwards ready for a test. In other words, we can do everything for you, so you just use one company instead of multiple ones. So if you need a replacement passenger lift for your care home,  residential home or nursing home give us a call for a free site survey.

For sites where downtime is key, say in an existing care home where the lift is crucial we can offer a lift modernisation. We can deliver and install a new control system, all associated wiring and controls within 3 weeks from order. We can also offer new lift interiors, lift door upgrades and like with new lifts, we can do any associated building or electrical work. A lift modernisation or lift upgrade is a great solution to make your lift more efficient, faster, safer and more reliable.

We offer the complete range of passenger lifts, goods lifts, platform lifts and access products
nationwide. We pride ourselves on supplying high quality solutions that are fully open protocol, giving our clients both peace of mind and flexibility in the future.

Our range of lift products are fully bespoke and we can offer any size, load or interior / doors you require. If we can help with any new projects, whether you need a site survey, budget, drawings, specification or tender just contact us if we can assist at all for any lift repair work or lift modernisation work throughout England, Wales and Scotland. You can get in touch by clicking the button below, or calling us on the number at the top of the page.

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