Passenger Lift Breakdowns

Passenger lift breakdown

Are you experiencing Passenger lift breakdowns? if so we could be the company to help solve your problems.

Passenger lift breakdowns occur frequently often due to overusage, misuse and lifts being poorly maintained.

Lifts are an integral part of our modern world, facilitating the transportation of both passengers and goods in buildings to provide ease of access and to transport goods to desired locations.

However, lifts aren’t always smooth running. Some companies offer Modular based lift maintenance which is just a quick visual inspection. We offer traditional lift maintenance and spend more time thoroughly inspecting and working on your lifts to spot problems early, reduce callouts and reduce downtime. We also offer a first-time fix policy, where we get to the root cause of the problems, this reduces repeat visits helping to save you money and hassle.

With that said, it is reported that nearly 272 million hours of downtime in lifts is accumulated from over 17 million lifts that are in operation globally, each year. This is with each breakdown taking on average 4 hours to be fixed. To put that into context, that is approximately 226,667 hours of operational time lost each month.

Operational time lost is at a financial cost and detriment to the business that the lifts operate within due to delayed work schedules and missed meetings, as well as causing upset and disruption to passengers if the lifts are out of operation for prolonged periods of time.

It is important to remember, whilst conforming with legal servicing/lift maintenance and Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) requirements can be frustrating, it is also a legal requirement to have these in place for safe practice of your lifts. Nationwide lifts are a one stop shop, we can service your lifts and schedule your LOLERS if required.

As well as the legalities of safe lift practice, improving your maintenance operations can save your business a lot of time, disappointment of not providing good customer service and money in the long run.

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