Lift Doors for an upgrade

lift doors for an upgrade

Today at Nationwide Lift Services, we had the absolute pleasure of hosting a site visit from Shorts Industries Ltd who supply part for lift doors & Langer & Laumann Ing.-Büro GmbH and witnessing an impressive demonstration inside their fully kitted out van.

This unique experience allowed us to dive deep into their latest product offerings, which are poised to make significant waves in the industry.
The demonstration was nothing short of amazing, showcasing the cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions they have developed.

From the moment we stepped into the van, it was clear that a tremendous amount of thought and expertise had gone into creating these products. Each feature was presented in detail, highlighting the practical applications and the significant impact these innovations can have on our operations.

Shorts are a loyal supplier of ours who have helped us get lift doors on lots of occasions, we have been using them for a while now

A special shoutout to their highly knowledgeable team Paul Livingstone, Daniel Banks & Martin Platt who did a phenomenal job of walking us through each product. Their passion and expertise were evident in every explanation and demonstration. They not only answered all our questions with precision but also provided valuable insights into how these products can be integrated and utilised to their fullest potential.

This visit has left us incredibly excited about the future possibilities and collaborations. It’s inspiring to see such dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and setting new standards in the industry.

A big thank you to everyone involved for organising this visit and for the insightful, hands-on demonstration. We look forward to leveraging these new products to drive innovation and efficiency in our work. Together, we are poised to achieve great things!

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