Bespoke Lifts

Nationwide Lift Services Lift Systems have been supplying and installing bespoke lifts nationwide now for over 30 years. What makes us different is we can supply fully bespoke car / door sizes and loads. Whilst we do have a standard range of passenger lifts, we also have a range that can be tailor made to suit site or clients requirements.

In this time we have installed over 1000 lifts for various end clients, contractors, architects and consultants. We have installed all types of passenger lifts including passenger lifts, glass lifts, panoramic lifts and passenger goods lifts.

All of our passenger lifts are open protocol which means that any company can service or repair our products in the future. We offer a standard range of lifts but also offer fully bespoke solutions from 250kg up to 10,000kg (2 person to 130 person).

We often get involved in projects early with architects, consultants and clients as we can offer that extra level of service that you sometimes need. We offer budget costs, design, drawings, BREEAM information, traffic calculations, X10 lift specifications and tenders.

We can also offer a one stop solution for all passenger lift projects. Our works can include removal of old lifts, associated builders-work, electrical work, lifting beams, scaffolding and fall-gates. We can offer steel lift structures so you do not need to supply a lift shaft for some of our passenger lifts.

We even have a passenger lift that can move people and goods on only single phase power. This passenger lift can be supplied with a steel structure and all associated builders and electrical work.

So if you have a project with a passenger lift on then please contact us if we can help at all for any lift repair work or lift modernisation work. You can get in touch by emailing us at or telephone us on:

01782 562000

We offer the complete range of new lifts products, all of which are fully open protocol and fully comply to all relevant regulations including:-

  • Service lifts (50, 100 and 250kg)
  • Step lifts
  • Platform lifts
  • Passenger lifts (from 2 person to 33 person)
  • Glass lifts
  • Scenic lifts or Panoramic lifts
  • Bespoke lifts (from 2 person to 10,000kg)

Platform Lift in Cheshire

Nationwide Lifts have just installed a 2 stop Platform Lift at a site in Cheshire. The new exciting sports facility needed disabled access on site. Due to restrictions with available space, lack of pit depth and headroom, we only had one alternative for the client.

We specified an Aritco Platform Lift which only needed a small recess (no pit), low headroom and no lift shaft. This excellent and reliable product gives our client the disabled access they required without huge building amendments needed.

the 2 stop 410kg Aritco Platform Lift was delivered in 6 weeks and installed in only two days on site. We worked closely with the local contractors who ensured all our items were done and ready for our start date. Having worked with the architects on this project early on, we ensured this was the right lift for the building usage. We always need to take into account budget on projects but also the potential building work and amendments clients need to do to accommodate a lift.

All of the access lifts that Nationwide Lifts supply in the UK are open protocol. We use the same lift partners to ensure that our installation and service teams know the product inside out.

Platform Lifts can be an excellent alternative to a passenger lift where clients need disabled access. Platform Lifts come with their own structure (no shaft needed), do not need a pit (ramp option) and the headroom fits within a normal ceiling height. This saves huge money for customers on shafts and pits, but also potential roof issues for the headroom.

Access lifts are also very easy and quick to install, with some projects completed in one day. The delivery is 6 to 8 weeks from order placement and approval.

So if Nationwide Lifts can help you with any new projects that require a platform lift, passenger lift or goods lift please get in touch. We have installed over 1000 lifts in the last 30 years, so have the knowledge and experience to deliver your project. We can assist with design, drawings, specifications and budget costs for all projects.

Just contact us if we can help at all for any lift repair work or lift modernisation work. You can get in touch by emailing us at or telephone us on:

01782 562000

Passenger Lift by Hi-Tec Lifts

School Lift Project Win in Wolverhampton

We have recently secured a School Lift order for a project in Wolverhampton.

Having worked with the architects on this School Lift project early, we got to understand their restrictions on site. The design of the building only allowed for a reduced lift pit and reduced headroom space. The architect wanted the lift to look and feel like a normal passenger lift for this exciting local project. By working with architects and clients early on, we can assist with lift designs, lift drawings and lift specifications. This allows us to specify the right lift for their school in Wolverhampton, taking into account usage, space available, appearance and cost.

Our passenger lift solution for this project was ideal. Our lift can be connected up and run on only single phase power. It has a reduced lift pit and also reduced headroom space. The lift interior looks the same as any other high quality passenger lift with stainless steel walls, mirror, handrail, LED lights and rubber floor. The doors are also fully automatic and finished in stainless steel. The lift is very quiet and the ride quality is very good. The lift fully complies to DDA requirements, yet make the customer feel more secure when using it.

At Nationwide Lifts we have been supplying and installing passenger lifts and goods lifts now for 30 years. We have installed over 1000 lifts in our history and have been involved in projects all over the UK. We have installed all types of passenger lifts, goods lifts, platform lifts and access products in this time. We have installed lifts in residential apartments, schools, hospitals, care homes, offices, colleges, universities over the years. Our engineers are very experienced on all types of lift equipment.

We can also offer lift maintenance, lift repairs and lift modernisation work in the Midlands and North West. So if we can assist with a lift breakdown, lift repair, lift servicing or a new lift please telephone us on 01782 562000 or contact us here.