lift partnership

Lift partnership

Nationwide Lift Services like to work with contractors who want a lift partnership. We offer select contractors all the help they need on every project.

Nationwide Lift Services Lifts have been offering replacement passenger lifts for contractors, architects and end clients for many years. Like with any product, lifts last a certain amount of time depending on usage, age and ultimately quality. The expected life span of a lift is between 15 and 25 years.

We can remove your existing lift on site and offer a replacement passenger lift or a lift modernisation. What makes Nationwide Lift Services different is we can supply fully bespoke passenger lifts, platform lifts and goods lifts to suit your existing structure. This helps cut down on building work, hassle and cost on existing sites. We have done passenger lifts in existing buildings from a small 2 person lift up to a 33 person solution.

Nationwide Lift Services Lifts offer a turn key package meaning we do everything from start to finish for you. We remove the existing lift on site, do any building work needed, any electrical work needed and then install a new replacement lift. We offer a 24 months warranty and maintenance package as standard and all of our products are open protocol.

For sites where downtime is key, say in an existing care home where the lift is crucial we can offer a lift modernisation. We can deliver and install a new control system, all associated wiring and controls within 3 weeks from order. We can also offer new lift interiors, lift door upgrades and like with new lifts, we can do any associated building or electrical work. A lift modernisation or lift upgrade is a great solution to make your lift more efficient, faster, safer and more reliable.

We offer free site surveys for customers on all projects and can help with lift specifications, drawings, design and any other lift requirements. So if we can help with any new projects please call or email us. We can be contacted on 01782562000 or