Lift Service Experts

Lift Service Experts in Staffordshire

We like to think of ourselves as lift service experts in Staffordshire. Our lift engineers are highly trained in traditional lift maintenance. We do not just turn up for a visual inspection of your lift, nor do we rush the service visit. 

Our lift technicians are trained to do a full risk assessment of your lift equipment on site. This means that it is our goal to make sure we know all work that needs to be done to improve the lift safety and regulations. Often our lift service experts are on site for two or three hours doing a detailed report for our customers. And we don’t charge anymore for this as we work with partners with all our customers.

Nationwide Lift Services offer an excellent lift service to all our customers in the Staffordshire region that include care homes, local councils, NHS and retail clients. We truly understand our customers needs and we work very closely with all our customers.

Did you know the minimum lift maintenance requirement is two visits per annum and not four? We think two very good thorough visits is better than four rushed ones like some companies do.

Our engineers are tasked on breakdowns to find the issue and rectify if possible or source the parts required. We don’t just turn up to do a quick reset and charge you.

Traditional lift maintenance means our experienced lift engineers have more time to look after your lifts on site. By offering the right lift service, our engineers can help cut down on call-outs, breakdowns and costs.

For Lift Servicing or maintenance please contact us on 01782562000 or 

Nationwide Lift Services can also do LOLER inspections nationwide for all types of lifts and escalators. LOLER also requires that all equipment used for lifting is fit for purpose, appropriate for the task, suitably marked and, in many cases, subject to statutory periodic ‘thorough examination‘. Records must be kept of all thorough examinations and any defects found must be reported to both the person responsible for the equipment and the relevant enforcing authority.

charity run

Charity Run In Stoke

Stoke Charity Run Gives us a LIFT.

At Nationwide Lifts our very own Craig Corbett and his friends decided they wanted to do a charity run for a superb organisation in Stoke called Douglas MacMillan (or Dougie Mac as know locally).

Craig has worked for our business for 2 years and done all sorts of lift jobs including new lift installations, lift refurbishments and lift repairs. He also does lift service work and lift breakdowns in the Stoke and Staffordshire region.

Craig and his friends were very keen on raising money for Dougie Mac and managed to get over £1500 from family, friends, and colleagues.

Nationwide Lifts are fortunate to look after the lifts at these amazing sites who do such wonderful work for our community. Dougie Mac, have been caring for our community since 1973. They provide their hospice services free of charge to over 3,500 local people with life-limiting illnesses each year in Stoke-on-Trent, North Staffordshire and the surrounding villages, also offering supportive care to their families and carers.

Dougie Mac Hospice simply couldn’t survive without the generosity of the local communities of Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire.

It costs over £19 million to run the hospice’s services free of charge every year, with 75% of this funding coming from supportive local people so let’s all keep raising money and supporting these amazing people and hospice.

Nationwide Lift Services offer 24/7 coverage throughout the UK for all types of lift work. With our in-house lift engineers, we can deal with lift breakdowns, lift servicing and lift repairs on all types of passenger lifts, goods lifts, and platform lifts.

We have been working with care homes, NHS, charities and local councils in Staffordshire for many years ensuring they get the best level of service for their lifts. By having the right in house engineers and right lift maintenance structure in place, this saves our clients costs, hassle and downtime for all their lifts. So if we can assist with a lift maintenance contract, lift breakdown, lift repair or lift refurbishment then please call our friendly team on 01782562000 or email us on

Lift Refurbishment in Liverpool

Lift Refurbishment in Liverpool

We have recently been working on a lift refurbishment project in Liverpool for a care home. During our time on site (5 days), we replaced the lift control system, door operator, hydraulic tank and all other electrical components.

A Lift Refurbishment can improve the safety, comfort and appearance of a lift in an existing building. For sites where downtime is key, say in an existing care home where the lift is crucial, we can offer this solution. We can deliver and install a new control system, all associated wiring and controls within 3 weeks from order. We can also offer new lift interiors, lift door upgrades and like with new lifts, we can do any associated building or electrical work. A lift refurbishment or lift upgrade is a great solution to make your lift more efficient, faster, safer and more reliable.

A Lift Refurbishment is a great way to revitalise an existing lift, when you are not wanting the upheaval of a full lift replacement, a solution from us is a good idea. Lift upgrades are basically a replacement of all key electrical components which ensures that the lift is more reliable. The LEIA advise that a lift modernisation is considered on lifts over 15 years old. These are a quick and environmentally friendly solution.

All parts we fit are open protocol and replacements can be sourced from UK suppliers helping to speed up delivery in an emergency.

We can offer lift controller replacements, lift interior upgrades, hydraulic replacements, door upgrades or replacement lift doors. We also offer the complete turnkey solution for our clients by offering builders-work and electrical work as part of our package. We can often get your lift fully refurbished
with a new interior and all components in 4 weeks.

For Lift Refurbishment please contact us on 01782562000 or 

lift professional

Lift Professional

Nationwide Lift Services are a Lift Company who are known throughout the UK as a Lift Professional. We deal with many clients in the care home sector, retail, and NHS.

Right from the days when Brian started the business over the 30 years ago to the new generation now, we strive for a close working relationship with customers and giving good service.

Recently we had a meeting with Shorts Industries, we thank them for being a reliable supplier and for good customer service.

New Employee

Michael Robinson has recently joined the business in the sales team and his aim is to become a lift professional soon like the older staff. He has worked on news stories for Nationwide Lift Services before and has done work for us a year ago for work experience, but now he is here to stay.

We even had a recent visit from Ted’s little ones who have the buzz to become true Lift Legends like their dad, even at such a young age. Hopefully one day they will also become employees at Nationwide Lifts.

At Nationwide Lifts we have a close team of staff who really care about doing a good job for the business and our customers. Our owner Ken Chappell said “It is unique to have such a young team of lift professionals who really care about the company and our customers. The offices and engineers in Staffordshire and surrounding areas work closely together and always on hand to help each other and our customers”.

If you have any problem lifts or would like a lift modernisation please contact us down below

Call 24/7 helpline: 01782 562000
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