care home lift specialist

Care Home Lift Specialist

Nationwide Lifts are a care home lift specialist and have built an outstanding reputation as a reliable supplier for the care home industry and the NHS. We understand the importance that lifts have in a care home and reducing downtime is very important.

Our local lift engineers are highly trained on all types of lifts in care homes and aim to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Our engineers are trained to find the root cause of the problem and not just to reset the lift and turn it back on. Our plan is to ensure the lift is reliable for the long term to save our clients downtime and also costs on breakdowns.

As a care home lift specialist we understand the importance of having a functional working lift for your care home. We believe in fixing problems before they happen, our highly trained engineers will spend more time on site and identify and fix problems before they happen, this prevents entrapment and breakdowns in the short and long term.

For sites where downtime is key, say in an existing care home where the lift is crucial we can offer a lift modernisation. Care homes often have lifts that are old and in need of lift upgrade work. We can deliver and install a new control system, all associated wiring and controls within 3 weeks from order. We can also offer new lift interiors, lift door upgrades and like with new lifts, we can do any associated building or electrical work. A lift modernisation or lift upgrade is a great solution to make your lift more efficient, faster, safer and more reliable.

We make sure to have excellent customer service at all times. Our customer service is 24/7 and calls are always answered by a member of the Nationwide Lift Services team, not a out of hours call centre.

If you have any problem lifts at your care home (lifts that repeatedly go wrong) please contact us on 01782562000 or 

Lift Phone Upgrade

BT Openreach are currently in the process of changing their network through the “Fibre First” programme which affects a lift phone and aims to provide fibre broadband to three million UK homes and businesses by the end of 2020. BT’s current objective is to provide fibre connections to all buildings and for these to replace the current lines by 2025.

Alarm devices (or lift phones) in lifts are a legal requirement and they require two way means of communication. This means that passengers can call the rescue service via a lift phone (autodialler) if an entrapment occurs. The rescue service can reassure a trapped passenger and schedule a competent person to attend site and release the trapped passengers. Lift phones traditionally work through PTSN (Public Switched Telephone Network) but with the network changes BT are implementing this will no longer be possible.

The best solution is to install a GSM (Global System for Mobiles) this eliminates the need for a fixed landline, making it more efficient. Where GSM units are installed, they will work like normal

Global System for Mobiles (GSM) type devices to eliminate the need for a fixed landline. Where GSM units are fitted, they will continue to operate as normal following the changeover, but those auto-diallers using a landline will be impacted.

The inside of a lift shaft

Lift Repairs Around The UK

At Nationwide Lift Services we offer 24/7 coverage for lift repairs and any problem lifts. We are a local company based in Staffordshire and our aim is to get your lift working again and prevent any future problems from happening. We have a traditional approach to lift maintenance, our engineers are highly trained and we have a first time fix policy. Engineers spend more time on site to spot anything that could become a problem and cause a breakdown in the future, this also makes it cheaper for the customer in the long term and reduces disruption to their business.

We cover the whole of the UK and have excellent reference customers and sites in various sectors.

We offer Lift repair services for all types of lift including:-

  • National lift repairs for all types of lifts, done to the highest standard possible.
  • First-time fix policy on repairs,
  • We pre plan maintenance and fix things before they become a problem.
  • In house engineers with vast experience in all different types of lifts
  • Traditional / Flexible lift maintenance packages
  • 24/7 service throughout the UK and Nationwide Lift team, not a call centre
  • Excellent communication with customers, staff and suppliers
  • All new lifts and modernisation work done via own engineers
  • LOLER inspections

We have a first time fix policy for lift repairs, meaning our aim is to attend all lift breakdowns the same and get the lift back on at the first visit. Having a team of lift technicians and product experts really helps us achieve this goal for our customers.

if you need help please contact us for any lift breakdowns, repair work, lift modernisation work or installations thoughout England, Wales and Scotland

For Lift Repairs please contact us on 01782562000 or