lift refurbishment

Lift Modernisation

We have just completed a lift modernisation in Nottingham for a care home group we work with in the east and west midlands.

We replaced the old control system for a new DMG controller, including new car top controls, pushes, COP, positioning equipment and wiring. We also fitted a new floor, lighting and wrapped the walls to give the lift a fresh feel.

All this work was completed within 5 working days.

lift pit

Forking Hell – Lift Pit Clean

We have just attended a call-out for a new retail site and found all these knives and forks in the lift pit. Clearly the previous service provider never cleaned the lift pit over a long period of time.

This lift is a service lift for a restaurant and due to no car doors being fitted, cutlery has fallen down the shaft in travel. Lift doors even on a small service lift are a good idea to cut down on issues like this and potential breakdowns.

We pride ourselves on doing traditional lift maintenance for all our customers which helps cut down on problems by fully accessing the lift. We look after many retail lifts throughout the UK.