goods only lifts

Goods Only Lifts

Nationwide Lift Services Lift Systems have been supplying and installing goods only lifts nationwide for over 30 years. In this time we have installed over 1100 lifts for various end clients, contractors, architects and consultants. We still have many of our goods lifts and service lifts in our service portfolio around the UK.

We often get involved in projects early with architects, consultants and clients as we can offer that extra level of service that you sometimes need. We offer budget costs, design, drawings, BREEAM information, traffic calculations, X10 lift specifications, free site surveys and tenders for all types of passenger lifts and goods lifts.

We can also offer a one stop solution for all lift projects. Our works can include removal of old lifts, associated builders-work, electrical work, lifting beams, scaffolding and fall-gates.

We offer the complete range of goods lift products, all of which are fully open protocol including:-

  • Dumbwaiter lifts from 50kg to 100kg
  • Service lifts from 100kg to 500kg
  • Goods only lifts from 500kg to 3500kg (attendant use option)
  • Goods lifts from 500kg to 10000kg
  • Goods Passenger lifts 500kg to 10000kg

All of our lifts are open protocol which means that any company can service or repair our lift products in the future. We offer a standard range of lifts but also offer fully bespoke solutions with any car size, load, door size or interior you want.

We even have a lift that comes with its own structure, it does not need a lift pit and has a reduced headroom only. This goods lift can even transport passengers and you can have any door size or car size you need with loads up to 3500kg. Goods Lifts nationwide is what Nationwide Lift Services have done for generations, so just let us know if we can help.

So if you have a project with a goods lift or service lift on then please contact us if we can help at all for any lift repair work or lift modernisation work. You can get in touch by emailing us at  or telephone us on: 01782 562000