Lift Modernisation in London

Lift Modernisation in London

We have recently completed a lift modernisation in London for an existing client we have dealt with on previous projects. As you can see from our photo Craig Corbett is very keen to learn from Neil Duncan who has been with us for many years.

We completed the DMG Lift Modernisation Work and various other upgrades within 5 days. From Order placement we were on site within 4 weeks and Shorts of Bradford have been great yet again with great service and backup from Matthew, Richard and the team.

We can do lift modernisation in London on all types of lifts, no matter what manufacturer, size or age.

Lift modernisation can improve the safety, comfort and appearance of a lift in an existing building. For sites where downtime is key, say in an existing care home where the lift is crucial we can offer a lift modernisation. We can deliver and install a new control system, all associated wiring and controls within 3 weeks from order. We can also offer new lift interiors, lift door upgrades and like with new lifts, we can do any associated building or electrical work. A lift modernisation or lift upgrade is a great solution to make your lift more efficient, faster, safer and more reliable.

Lift Modernisation is a great way to revitalise an existing lift, when you are not wanting the upheaval of a full lift replacement, a lift modernisation solution from us is a good idea. All parts we fit are open protocol and replacements can be sourced from UK suppliers helping to speed up delivery in an emergency.

We can offer lift controller replacements, lift interior upgrades, hydraulic replacements, door upgrades or replacement lift doors. We also offer the complete turnkey solution for our clients by offering builders-work and electrical work as part of our package. We can often get your lift fully modernised with a new interior and all components in 4 weeks.