Open Protocol Parts

Open Protocol Parts

With both our repairs and lift modernisation we always try to use open protocol parts where possible to give our customers continued flexibility on all their lifts. Here at Nationwide lift services, we recognise the immense value of open protocol parts and ensure that our clients benefit from the latest innovations and enjoy unparalleled flexibility in lift maintenance and modernisation.

Partnering with trusted manufacturers and suppliers who adhere to open protocols guarantees access to a vast array of high-quality components ensuring reliable and long-lasting lift systems our skilled technicians are trained to work with various open protocol parts making them well equipped to handle diverse lift models regardless of the original manufacturer.

Open protocol parts adhere to publicly available standards and specifications enabling different devices and systems from various manufacturers to communicate and work together seamlessly. This promotes interoperability and allows for the integration of components from multiple vendors, giving users more flexibility and options when building or expanding their systems.

With open protocols you are not tied to a specific vendor or manufacturer for your system components we have the freedom to choose the best products from different suppliers based on your requirements budget lead times and preferences open protocol parts are designed to be forward compatible and adaptable to evolving technology standards as new advancements emerge or protocols are updated.

Open protocol Parts can be easily updated or integrated into existing systems without major disruptions or the need for costly replacements this helps future-proof your investments and ensures the longevity and compatibility of your systems providing flexibility in system design and scalability options that allow for easy expansion and integration of additional devices sensors or subsystems from different vendors facilitating the customization and growth of your system according to your changing needs or business requirements.

Goods Lift

Goods Lifts

Nationwide Lift Services have been looking after goods lift for over 30 years. Our Servicing and maintenance packages allow for the easy and efficient transportation of any load between different floors of a building. Nationwide goods lifts can help businesses to increase productivity and efficiency while minimizing the risk of injury and damage to goods.

We have many goods lifts and service lifts in our service portfolio around the UK.


  1. Hydraulic: These lifts use a hydraulic system to lift heavy loads between floors. They are often used in industrial settings, such as warehouses or factories, where heavy loads need to be transported on a regular basis.
  2. Traction: Traction lifts use a motor and pulley system to lift heavy loads between floors. They are often used in commercial settings, such as retail stores or hotels, where goods need to be transported.
  3. Dumbwaiters: Dumbwaiters are great goods lift solution designed to transport smaller goods. They are often used in restaurants, retailers or hotels to transport food or supplies between floors.
  4. Service Lifts: Service lifts are larger lifts that are designed to transport heavy loads, such as furniture or machinery, between different levels of a building. They are often used in industrial or commercial settings, such as warehouses or factories.

All of our lift repairs use open protocol parts which means that any company can service or repair our goods lift products in the future. Our Fast response times and Excellent communication ensure that your company goods lifts will be back up and running asap as we understand the importance of a fast turnaround in your business.

Our highly trained engineers will work quickly to a high standard and cause minimal disruption to your Premises always following UK legislation.

Contact Nationwide Lifts today to discuss your Lift needs further. 01782562000 (24/7 Customer Helpline)