care home lift refurb

The Care Home Lifts Owners Are Talking About

As every care and support team recognises, safety in care facilities is paramount at all times. This means that ensuring your lift products are manufactured, installed, refurbished and repaired by a reputable company with experience in the sector.

Nationwide Lift Services was established more than 30 years ago and have developed and consistently built upon its strong presence in care home lifts. The management team has more than 100 years of collective experience in the industry and the business now offers the perfect solution to the care home industry with the “Home Lift“.

The Care Home Lift Offering Quality and Versatility

With quality at the forefront of the installation and lift refurbishment procedures at Nationwide Lift Services, exhaustive studies have been carried out to ensure that the “Home Lift” is of the highest quality and aligns with all relevant industry regulations. This includes advanced entrance detection systems, car levelling, and door reopening, as well as innovative rescue systems that allow the lift to be evacuated should a power failure occur.

The versatility of this product makes care home lifts ideal, as it can be customised to suit the unique needs of every care or residential home. For example, there are a number of different automatic door options, including primed stainless steel, full glass doors with a stainless steel frame, and folding bus doors with a large vision panel. Alternatively, there are several semi-automatic door options available, including those with a standard vision panel or a large vision panel, depending on the unique needs of your care facility.

The car operating panels can also be tailored to suit the needs of each residential home, nursing home or care setting, with numerous panel options as well as handrail types with easily accessible operating buttons. Similarly, there are several different indicator options, including directional arrows, surface-mounted panels and even retro-style designs.

Consultation and Nursing Home Lift Installation

Nationwide Lift Services has experience in getting involved in projects early on in the process and can deliver the extra level of care and service that your project may require. As such, we can provide everything from designs and drawings to specifications, free tenders and site surveys, BREEAM information, budget costs, and traffic calculations when necessary.

Additionally, as we work with our own team of directly employed engineers, independent testers, and lift partners, we can guarantee that every part of the installation process consistently delivers the same level of care and attention to ensure your project progresses smoothly throughout. This also means that we are able to offer a range of other complementary services, including the removal of old lift products, electrical work, scaffolding and fall gates, and lifting beams. Our complete care home lift installation solution also includes the supply and installation of new lift shafts, should your project require this service.

Nursing Home Lift Maintenance and Repair

From preventative lift maintenance to more involved lift refurbishment projects, Nationwide Lift Services Lift Systems offers a nationwide program of services to ensure that your nursing home lift products are performing optimally at all times. We are also able to carry out LOLER inspections, which will ensure that your lifting equipment is fit for purpose, suitably marked, and has up-to-date examination records.

This comprehensive program of services has been designed to help your care facility minimise callouts and breakdowns. Packages can be tailored to suit your unique needs, including standard contracts and more comprehensive solutions for a range of products, such as step lifts, chain-driven lifts and hoists, cabin lifts, platform lifts, and more.

Please contact our team of experts to discuss your care home lift needs. Or visit our “Home Lift” product page to learn more.